kids in wheelchairsEducate A Cure is an international outreach program dedicated to children and family education about disease, illness, and disability.

Our commitment ensures families have an opportunity to understand disease, illness, and disability, and are equipped with tools for lifelong wellbeing.

Our focus is TO ENHANCE our culture’s understanding of the unique challenges disease, illness, and disability bring to the life of a child, and help our culture break the isolation and overcome misconceptions surrounding each; TO TEACH how nutrition has the ability to eradicate most diseases, and illnesses, as well as improve symptoms of some disabilities; and

TO PROVIDE educational resources, support, and


Educate A Cure is a potent vehicle for change!

Our Mission:
Educate A Cure is an international program dedicated to educating children and their families about illness, disease, and disability, with a strong focus on military personnel, research, and prevention; local, regional, and global environmental concerns, water quality, and nutrition.

We aim to protect the health and wellness of communities through simple education, saving lives by instilling the information children and their families need in order to get healthy, and stay healthy.

Our devotion to educate is enhanced by our passion to comfort and inspire; ensuring a stronger tomorrow for the world’s children. We envision a world where disease is prevented and cured through education.